Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wilbur Update: Out on Trial

Wilbur is on a 30 day trial that started earlier this week on the 1st! All fairly sudden- I had gotten a text from Amanda that someone was interested in a 1 month lease and I was like- how does this help anyone?
I went out and met the gal- a re-rider who was looking for a pleasure horse and actually knew Amanda from years back. So a lease actually meant a trial- with potential to extend the lease or buy at the end. I got a message that she had a good lesson on Friday and was planning to stop out this weekend as well. Assuming all goes well she'd like to buy him and keep him at Brown Ranch which means I can wave on my way to go see Ellie!
So fingers crossed! I'm not sure how anyone could not fall in love with this face!