Sunday, March 27, 2016

On Fleek

We started jumping on Saturday over a series of single crossrails set on the diagonals and finishing with my "I Believe" grid from Thursday. Jaime and I were the two serious ones in the lesson with a few folks jumping around here and there.

After the warm up, Ali set on of the verticals up and raised the Swedish from the cross rail version to something a bit bigger and had Jaime jump around. Then she lowered the Swedish Oxer for me back down to a crossrail but left the 2'9" vertical. Had a few bobbles but a great ride to the biggest fence (which is what counts right?).

Then Ali set everything up to 2'9" for Jaime's course and as she went to lower them for me I sputtered out, "Why don't we just leave them."


But I'd said it, so now I had to do it. We came around to the first fence off the right lead a little under pace and didn't find the prettiest spot. Onwards around to our left lead Swedish, inside right turn to the vertical, and down the grid. We hit some great distances!

We had that same kind of ride today over slightly smaller fences- just going for it. And when did 2'6" ever look small to me?

I think we've hit this great transitional point where I'm feeling ready to move up and more importantly, trusting Ellie to take me to the other side. Finally getting a hint of the partnership I'd been hoping for!


  1. Woohoo! What an exciting confidence boosting day! Always a great feeling.

  2. Get it girl!! That's so awesome!

  3. OMG that is so exciting! YAYyayay! That partnership feeling is the best!

  4. Yay! Congrats, such a great feeling to have that sort of partnership :)

  5. Way to go!! You and Ellie are awesome!

  6. woooo check you guys out!! there's nothing quite like that feeling of 'what the hell, let's do it!!' :D

  7. Yesssss! Love this! That swedish looks massive, and you conquered it :D