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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Let's Win a Horse Show!

Paul and I recently decided to reboot our lifestyle a bit prior to our trip to Japan coming up in April. The goal is weight loss: to lose a double digit number.
Ever-practical-Paul is winning eye surgery if he meets his mark. He knows that I tend to be motivated by things that are funner (plus my vision is already pretty spot on) so he's offered up a horse show. Yes- a free horse show. Although I'm not entirely sure he realizes exactly how much they cost and I don't know if I want to divulge that information.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I joined an MMA gym, Dragons Den, down the street from my office to shake things up while still keeping a few drop in classes at the studio close to home. So I can gym anytime, anywhere. The new place offers a noon class + evenings which works perfectly for my schedule and gives traffic the chance to lighten up a bit for the drive home.
Plus I get the chance to punch things during lunch- stress relief!

7 pounds down so far!


  1. Awesome job and the price I was quoted for eye surgery would equal about 2-3 horse shows in NorCal depending on how long it was :P