Wednesday, March 8, 2017

RMEC Northern Winter Classic: Saturday- Classic

One of the awesome things about the 4 week Northern Winter Classic Series is the prize money. Classes that offer a payout in a 2'6" division are VERY few and far between and at an A rated show, every little bit helps. Needless to say, with two horses attending, I had piled the pressure on myself for Saturday's $5,000 Classic.

There were two O/F rounds- the first Hunter Round wrapped up the Pre Child/ Adult division and that score, combined with the second Round Classic score, determined placings for the Classic.

Ellie went first and I liked her Hunter round quite a lot- I thought the score didn't necessarily reflect performance but there was also the addition of some new (and v nice) horses that joined the class who did not participate in the division. Hunters......and mare glare.

I see in the video that we didn't stay as straight as I would have liked coming out of the judges line which would end up being our downfall in the second round.

We biffed the first fence in a major way to start off our Classic round but had seemingly reorganized. The "Classic" component to this course was a bending line and after cutting the corner leaving the judges line, I didn't set my self up appropriately to get a nice ride into the first fence. Which also had a tiny little brick wall that pulled my eye right down to the base.

Ells could have been a touch more forgiving for my lean here, but I looked down, she stopped, and I fell off like a slow sack of potatoes. Of course this all happened at the fence FURTHEST from the gate = longest walk of shame ever.

I cleaned off my boots and climbed aboard Teddy- already worried about our lead changes and couldn't find the distance to a warm up fence to save my life. It was an exercise in compartmentalization to focus on the Teddy ride versus dwell on my tumble. 
The first round was fine- a little deep to a few fences but Teddy makes everything look pretty good. A score of 77 landed us fourth going into our second round. 

Horses had been riding the Classic bending line anywhere between a 6 and an 8. Thinking back to the ill-fated Christmas Derby debacle (where the line walked a 7 and I had committed to 7 and it was actually 8)- I decided to take the slightly more conservative 7 strides. When in doubt- add!

Coming around to our last fence my only thought was, "for the love of God, Emily- don't mess this up." The course rode great for us for a score of 85 and second place.

Some ups and downs (literally) but a second place in the Classic and Reserve Champion in our Division!


  1. Aw yay for redemption with Teddy!! Bummer about the fall but I'm super impressed that you could come back and do so well!!!

  2. Way to let go of the bad and improve so quickly!! You should be really, really proud of how well you did :D

  3. 85!!! That is GREAT! What an awesome recovery :)

  4. What a beautiful round on Teddy! Way to go!

  5. Congrats! Way to get back on and tackle the same course on a different horse. And Teddy is really the cutest.