Monday, March 6, 2017

RMEC Northern Winter Classic: Thursday

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Thursday and I hit the road to Sacramento bright and early to make sure I caught the 3ft Division.

Unfortunately I missed Baby Vinnie make his show debut, but he ended up Reserve in his 2'3" division! So pleased for my barnmate and her new addition!

Ellie went first in the Pre Greens- her very first time in 3ft. Didn't look over-faced, had no problem getting down the lines. She ran a bit at the first fence in the first round, but settled down quickly and the second round got even better! She was in the jog for each of her pro rounds this week and ribboned in the middle of the pack. Super happy with her!

Teddy had come into his first day with a first, second, and third. The judge on day two didn't love him as much and he had fourth in both round of his Open Hunter division. That's Hunters for you! Nonetheless he wrapped up Reserve Champion- what a lovely boy!

A fun group dinner, Skinny Margs, and an early bedtime (at the cheapest and scariest Best Western of all time) to get ready for a FULL weekend of showing!