Sunday, March 12, 2017

RMEC Northern Winter Classic: Sunday

Of all the times to lose a stirrup, why did it have to happen in my Equitation Round? For that matter, why does it ALWAYS seem to happen in my Equitation Rounds?

After such a great week I probably should have left well enough alone, but decided to compete in the Eq 2'6" division and it was not pretty.

A disappointing flat class (let's just tack my right arm to the side of my body please), a lost stirrup in my first round, and a VERY chippy add in the last round.

I have to laugh a bit at this first round video. T was over it and looking for a reason to spook (note the hairy eyeball he gives my videographer as he passes by during the courtesy circle). I lost my stirrup coming out of the pink outside line coming home and made a solid attempt to get it back while simultaneously executing a tight turn to the bending line. No dice. But then for some reason just decided to ride the remainder of the course sans left stirrup, which may have been passable if my last fence didn't showcase my mishap to the judge.

Perhaps if they held a class ridden without stirrups I could hold my own, but for Equitation I think you're supposed to keep them.

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