Monday, March 3, 2014

A Thoughtful Gift!

When I visited my old Maplewood comrade, Kate, in Ohio this past fall she mentioned that she was the the rep for Prestige Saddles if I ever happened to know anyone in the market.......

And I filed that knowledge carelessly away because I knew I wouldn't. For two reasons. 

1. Personally I have never had the chance to ride in a Prestige saddle. So if someone were to ask me what saddle I would recommend, naturally I would choose a CWD or County since that's what I'm familiar with. 

2. Every person that I happen to know belongs to a barn with a "barn saddle." Case in point- my coworker has a horse with high withers and got a custom CWD. Which still doesn't fit. She was lamenting that the only saddle in the barn that DID fit was the CWD 2G but was hesitant to buy it because of cost and the nontraditional look. So naturally I suggested looking at County saddles but apparently her barn is a CWD barn and she needed to get that brand. Right or wrong she would not stray from that brand. I hear her- my barn is a Voltaire barn. Meh. 

Yet the stars seemed to align when Tracy at Fly on Over mentioned Prestige in her potential saddle lineup. Yes! I know Tracy is from Ohio and I remember this because I too am from Ohio! Yes! I know the very person that sells Prestige saddles in Ohio! And voila- the two connected, the saddle magic happened, and I was very happy for everyone!

I received a box in the mail from Tracy with a lovely Thank You card and two new riding socks! For someone who is living out of a duffle currently I treasure any new sock additions (I have been re-wearing pairs....wrinkle nose here)!

Thank You Tracy for the thoughtful gift! 


  1. That was a nice gift! Very thoughtful thank you!

  2. How cool! We aren't a "saddle" barn, though I did turn a lot of people on to Antares :P

  3. Ahhhh what a sweet gesture!! And how cool that you were able to hook her up!!

  4. YAY! So glad you like them. I seriously cannot thank you enough for making my saddle shopping experience infinitely easier -- I never would have found my lovely Prestige Meredith without you, and Kate is absolutely wonderful. Thanks again!

  5. Very fun for everyone! I've never been too attached to "Barn saddles". The show barn I ride with has them, but I'm not in the same income bracket as the ladies with the custom CWDs. I love them from a distance and do just fine with what I scrounge up on ebay.

    1. Um yes. When my co worker told me what the cost difference would be to bump up to a CWD 2G my jaw dropped. I happened to get mine through a used saddle saddle dealer for a screamin' price- it would have been a crime not to buy it!

  6. I ride in a wintec isabelle so... you know... woo hoo for being broke. but one of my teammates is a rep for custom saddlery and she let me ride in one of the top of the line saddles. OMG. I need to win the lottery...

    Anyway, following you now- found you from your comment on sprinklerbandits! :)