Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle- Barn Fun Run

Kelly sent out a barn email about a month ago asking for participants in a 5K Shamrock Shuffle Fun Run. I'm not sure what prompted me to quickly rely with an immediate yes but I believe I might have had a few drinks plus a new horse.
My career as a runner, while spanning over a number a years, has been relatively short when you look a number of miles actually covered.

I have one alarmingly clear memory of Middle School that basically ended my enjoyment of running before it even began. My phys ed group was instructed to run a mile in under 10 minutes. Anyone who  failed to meet the time limit had to run a second mile. I was the lone soldier than ran two miles that day and the experience made me feel like a "bad runner."

Fast forward to 2008- I was living in Indianapolis, working out at a great gym with buddies, and they offered a training program for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (half marathon). Time to put my self doubt aside- I was going for it. May of 2009 I completed my first half marathon. The training was tough, running was tough on my body, the race itself was tough! But a great item to cross off that "bucket list."

And I haven't run a single day since. Until today.

Erika, one of my barn mates, was fresh off a half marathon from the day before. Alison, our assistant trainer, is a speed walker. Neither Kelly nor I run very much (at all). But guess what? We ran the entire 3.1 mile course without walking! I'm already feeling sore but super accomplished!

It was great to connect with these ladies outside of the barn and, frankly, overcoming the nerves of a race to finish strong! It's so awesome to be part of a barn family that gets together for fun activities.  Go Team KMT!