Thursday, March 13, 2014

What a Ride

The past 72 hours has been so emotionally draining.

A timeline.......

- We submit an offer on 3827 Canon on Tuesday morning and are told that the sellers would review offers at 5pm. The clock ticks away and we hear nothing. Feeling disappointed.

- 10:30pm: we receive an email that the sellers cannot decide on which of the 5 offers they want to choose. We revise our offer and sign the new paperwork. Feeling giddy about our prospects!

-  8am: the Seller's agent confirms our revised offer and tells us that we will have an answer by noon. I spend all morning being really, really excited.

- Noon comes and goes with no word. At 2pm I receive a call from my agent that we did not get the house but could be the back up offer. I cry a little bit, fall into a deep despair, and come to the realization that we're never going to be able to buy a house in the Bay area. Ever.

- 6pm: again at the barn grazing Ellie when I receive a text message from our agent saying that we did in fact get the house. What????

- Paul confirms the details with our agent and we celebrate with champagne and Zachary's Pizza

- Wake up in a slight panic because seller has not officially signed the paperwork yet. What if they change their minds????

- Spend day feeling anxious with sweaty palms

-1pm: deep sigh of relief when seller paperwork arrives in inbox

20 days to close! And now a cute shot of Ellie getting a bath on Sunday!


  1. Congratulations!! And, Ellie is super cute! :)

  2. Congrats!!!!! Stuff like that is definitely draining, waiting to close on 20 acres and I'm ready for a calm ride, lol!!

  3. Ellie is such a darling. Congrats on the house! House shopping is so stressful.

  4. How exciting!! Congrats on the new house!

  5. A horse and a home, that make for one exciting 2014!

  6. That sounds very stressful but you guys made it, congrats!!

  7. Yahoo congrats!! What great news for you and the hubby!!!

    Ellie is SO cute!