Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ellie's Show Name: Vote for your Favorite!

The names are in! THANK YOU to everyone who participated! What a bunch of fantastic entries!

Please vote for your favorite name (poll is located on my sidebar) and I'll share the winner on Thursday!
Elizabeth and Ellie enjoying a cuddle (and if you look closely, a lick) at the barn this morning!
Note: When you cast your vote the results will populate and the poll will not display your vote. Blogger bug. Not to worry- your vote has been counted! We've done a little "testing" on the back end to ensure that votes are being counted as they come in (i.e. Paul his holding his vote until Thursday so we have visibility into results)! If there are any specific questions feel free to leave a comment!


  1. I voted for Elderflower but it says 0%

  2. I had to look twice for the lick, lol

    1. I know! At first I thought it was a red, rubber curry comb!

  3. Yay voting! I am horrible with coming up with names but i LOVE Ellievate!