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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pick Ellie's Show Name: Winner!!!

A BIG thank you to everyone who submitted a show name for Ellie! There were so many great entries to choose from! And thanks to everyone who took a moment to vote!

Congratulations to Lauren @ She Moved to Texas! Her show name, Elliegance, had the most votes! What an awesome name- thanks Lauren!

Her horse, Simon, will be receiving treats from Charleigh's Cookies!


  1. Awesome! I think it is a very fun show name. :)

  2. Very cute :)

    I think it fits her well!

  3. Yay!!! Simon will love these :) Thanks so much

  4. I LOVE that name! Congrats Lauren!

  5. Sent you an email with cwd questions :) want to pick your brain on your saddle :)

    Love this name! That's what I voted for!