Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scenes from Saturday

Paul and I went and saw Frozen tonight, ate a touch too much popcorn, and now our tummies hurt. Well worth it!

I have to say coming out of the weekend- Ellie was super. It wouldn't hurt to get her into Baby Bootcamp to smooth out those rough edges but I had fun rides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
She's a touch snarky picking up the trot and canter, and being still the worried Mom, I've been doing her back stretches and throwing my BOT sheet on before and after the ride to warm up those muscles. My gut tells me she's just a baby mare who quite used to being told what to do.

Heartbreaker in the crossties!
I found Jen in a precarious position pulling Pie's mane after my ride on Saturday. Pie kept giving her the hairy eyeball. I love riding on Saturday's again so I can spend time with my wonderful AA friends!


  1. BoT is the bomb. As someone who is 2 years into a relationship with a horse that was so green I still don't know what I was thinking I bet she's just not totally used to having to do what someone else wants when they want it. Hue had some moments like that too. Heck he still does when he's feeling his oats.

    Nice to pamper her with the BoT though. Was she in training full time when you purchased her? If her workload has increased she might actually be a little sore too. Interested to read about your adventures!

    1. She was actually used as an endurance horse in 2013- 7 races! Her last was in Oct and I don't think she's had a really regular schedule since then. I'm certain she's a little sore from the extra work- love BOT! We're keeping her workload light but getting her into a 6 day a week schedule. She's probably a little grumpy :)

  2. What a sweet picture of Ellie! Glad you are having such nice rides.

  3. I really can't get over how cute she is!

  4. Your blog is amazing :) My favourite blog in English!

  5. You guys will be working like a well oiled machine in no time!

  6. Loved Frozen. :)

    Mares will be mares, I'm sure it will be smoothed out soon!

  7. I'm glad you got her--she is so cute. :-)

  8. I love her! BoT sheets never hurt anything, that's for sure :)

  9. Frozen was so cute!!!

    Love miss Ellie! :)

  10. Babies are an adjustment, but a fun process. Enjoy it :)