Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What do you think?

I did a little update to the blog. When I say "I" what I actually mean is Natasha from Paper Crowns did the work for me. I had initially contacted Natasha to do an overhaul on my personal blog, Em is a Gem back in 2012. Em is a Gem had been running since 2009, our journey since moving to California, and I had wanted to give it a makeover because it was feeling a little stale. I found it really hard to reinvent the wheel and rather than attempt a facelift on something I wasn't super excited about anymore, I decided to put the design resources into an entirely new blog! Perfectly timed with the purchase of Wilbur! Now with Ellie in the herd we had to do a quick addition. I'll be filling in the "about ellie" section and updating Wilbur's portion tomorrow. I LOVE the revisions!