Tuesday, June 24, 2014


There is nothing worse than getting home after a 12 hour day and realizing that I have blog-writers block!

Last week Paul initiated "Fitness Month." He has been swimming for the past several years on a Masters team that practices from 7-8pm. They also practice at 5:30am. See where this is going? In case you don't, Paul and I are waking up at 5am every Mon-Thurs to embark on some type of physical activity. That's where the 12 hour day came from- I was out the door by 5:20 to head to a spin class- "go me (!!!!)" and also "gah!"

As I was desperately trying to come up with some blog fodder by scrolling through old photos I ran across one of myself and Chance. Chance is the most handsome TB gelding owned by my friend Chris (who also made homemade cookies and left some in my trunk tonight). She was out of town a few weeks ago and asked if I could give him a hack- which I very much needed after the Friday I'd had a work! It was that perfect night- the weather was gorgeous and we were the only ones out there (except for other Emily who took this pic). He was super and easy. And you know when you're all by yourself, cantering around, and there's that little bit of glee- like I can't believe I get to do this? Perhaps it was a the super structured lessons I had when I was young....now when I find myself- by myself- hacking around I'm always a little tickled.

I love that my fabulous barn friends have enough faith that I won't break their horses to let me fill in!

A lot of my fellow horse bloggers are owners- do you get that chance to hop on something different once in a while?


  1. I looooove spin class. Love love. Probably because I'm a cyclist/triathlete, but still. The swimming part is just okay. ;)

  2. this is why I post so sporadically, I always have bloggers block. I love that polo :)

  3. Aww he is adorable! And yes, I'm really lucky that there are always a friend or two willing to give me a ride if I need/want one. It's fun and a great way to not get to 'locked in' on your horse's style.

  4. Took spin class once, kicked my bootie but it was a good feeling :)

  5. He is handsome!

    I have plenty of opportunities to ride our rescue horses but I seldom have time to ride more than my own these days.