Monday, June 23, 2014

Poo Diary: Saturday & Sunday

Fast forwarding a bit because tonight I found a bright eyed, bushy tailed horse who was obviously feeling much, much better!

I had planned to hack on Saturday and meet my friend Claire for a trail ride at 10. Ellie's poo situation actually seemed to be getting worse (if that's possible) so my hack turned into a quiet walk to get the gut moving and a short loop with Claire on her baby TB, Louie.
Ellie got her temperature taken and we made sure she was hydrated- all signs pointed towards normal. Minus the poop of course.

Sunday I arrived to find loose stool, runs, and a ton of breakfast still left in Ellie's stall. I cancelled my lesson, wandered down to Claire's barn to vent, then chatted with Emma about next steps. We gave her a flake of Alfalfa, which she wolfed down (I know- normally we would not switch out hay- but in this case I think it was for the best), and I hopped on Emma's baby TB mare, Sophia, for a hack. She's a lovely mare and I always enjoy riding something different!
Emma was switching horses from the show at Woodside so was able to check on Ells into the evening and reported that she was eating dinner and pooping and that all looked well.

Fingers crossed that the hay switch has finally settled and we can get back to work!

Louie was being a little weirdo!

Saturday cat nap for Polly!

Licking the pipe corral

Saturday Selfie

The pretty Sophia!


  1. Hoping she's 100% turned around for the better.

  2. When my paint was having bouts of diarrhea I did have a vet tell me to switch to Alfalfa. It seems counter-intuitive but it made a difference. Hopefully Elle will feel better soon.