Thursday, June 12, 2014

Personally Preppy: Monogram All the Things

Personally Preppy is a fabulous company, owned by two sisters, that is taking the monogram world by storm!

She Moved to Texas posted an awesome helmet mono on her Instagram and the the $900 facebook pony just wrote an excellent business spotlight on her blog.

I knew I had to jump on the monogram bandwagon but I did have one hold up. I'm not crafty and don't have "the eye" so when confronted with ALL of the awesome options on the PP Etsy page I just couldn't decide what I wanted.

So I said, "Tate, Kir- make me a goody bag of all the fun things." And by God they did.

Monogram Madness is what I call it. I've been locked in my office for the past few evenings carefully ironing my initials onto every stitch of clothing I own (and pillow wraps- I will never lose those things again).
I am, however, careful to stop after I've had two glasses of wine. My coordination skillz tend to falter at that point.

And I did have some learnings. All those great vinyl stick on monograms that everyone is adorning their Samshields with? No matter how hard I rubbed with a credit card it just would not adhere to the furriness of my Charles Owen.
Lightbulb moment- can I heat press one of the monograms on? I had to shelve that experiment until this evening. I had reached my self imposed wine limit on Tuesday and was slightly wary of testing my theory on my year old Ayr8.

Also, after reading through the $900 facebook pony DIY helmet project I was reminded that I had an old CO that had seen one too many falls in the trunk of my car. Bring it on hot iron and velvet- let's see what happens! actually worked. Really quite well actually! I'm going to be ordering a slightly smaller black version (my script monograms are navy) ASAP!

A random aside: Miss "Clairified" stopped by my desk with the new Higher Standards Viva Carlos Saddle Soap in Sweet Lemon. It smells amazing!


  1. Looks like the best kind of arts and crafts!!!

  2. Hah I'm definitely not a monogram person, but they sure are pretty!

  3. I just ordered a helmet monogram initially, which I slightly screwed up while putting it on (airhead). Their monograms do look awesome though. That's a great idea using them on wraps!

  4. lol, go big or go home! Looks good!

  5. I love the glove ones! :)

  6. The more monograms, the better!

  7. OMG I just died a little on the inside. So much fabulousness in one place.

  8. I feel like maybe I need to duplicate this whole thing,I mean monograms, crafting, wine, sounds like a win of a night! :)

  9. I am so putting these on my Volant S when they come in!!