Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Jump at a Time

So we trot the crossrail going away (in this pic), canter through the corner, and catch the rocks heading away from home.
The first time we came through the corner to the rocks and she found quite a long spot. Emma suggested I add the next time around.
As we came around the corner the second (and third time) we broke to a trot because rather than move towards the fence with pace I was too busy trying to see a distance to an 18" vertical.
So I said, "Emma- let's nix trotting this red crossrail and just get a nice canter around to the green."

Sure enough! We got a nice forward canter and hit that perfect distance. Voila! Emma and I were chatting after the lesson and I was saying how much I just really wanted to practice cantering back and forth over a fence- so we can go long, get short, be perfect- but just get over it! And how important I felt it was to build confidence NOW.
She summed it up perfectly. One fence at a time!


  1. Sometimes you just have to buck up and do it, to prove to yourself that you can!

  2. Great job and yes, one fence at a time is so right!

    One good fence after each other equal a great course!