Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tack Store Love

I was in a tack store all day today and I didn't buy a thing! What is wrong with me?

I was there for work. In my line of business I'm confronted daily with the challenges faced by brick & mortar business competing alongside the .com giants.

 Valley Tack was my go to growing up- about a 45 minute drive from my house. I distinctly recall one trip where I had been instructed by my trainer to pick up a bit and some random tack for a horse I was half leasing. Of course I had no idea what size bit to purchase- nor exactly what type of Eggbutt to get- and ended up getting an incorrect bit all around. I bet my Mom LOVED that second trip out to VT. I never had much to buy but could spend forever pining over stock pins and Breyers.

Tell me about your local tack store and why you love it!
A random web photo of Valley Tack and (possibly) the owner. TWO LEVELS yo!


  1. We have two tack stores within driving distant. I love going to them because you can pick things up and touch them and smell them before you buy them but unfortunately the prices are almost always cheaper at places like smartpak. We're getting a Dover store soon, too.

    My favorite tack store as a kid had a huge, life-size horse statue on the top of the building and I loved the instant smell of leather from all the tack. Going there was better than a trip to the mall any day!

  2. I wish I loved our local tack store, but they have proven to me they can't compete in selection and customer service to the national chains and .com's. I use our local Dover or online now.

  3. There are two tack stores I go to...Well, one more than the other. The one tack shop I no longer go to had a nice myler bit rental system and a great saddle trial service...but not a huge selection and prices were high. The second tack shop I go to every three months or so to replenish my bell boot supply. It's 45 minutes from my house. The two ladies who run it are absolutely crazy and I can't stand either of them, but they like me because I spend abnormal amounts of money in their store.

    Still, for an anti-social shutin like myself, I much prefer online shopping, especially if it means I won't have to deal with crazy shopkeepers.

  4. I like our local tack store, Equus Now! Plus they sponsor some of the local shows, so I've gotten cool swag from them lately too!!

  5. Hmmm I like Carousel but it's quite a drive.. also love Western Saddlery and Arnies