Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Free" Horse

I just had to share a post from She Moved to Texas about how much her "free" horse is costing her. Clever, witty, and well written. Read it.

Because it's the truth! Who cares how much the horse cost? The real expense is in the day to day.

Now I'm not going to pretend that Paul and I don't live a comfortable life. But when Lauren notes that the annual vet care of a horse is equivalent to 40 mani/pedis at a nail salon or that lessons cost out to be 30 pairs of Rainbow Sandals (best sandals EVER) she is not kidding.

Not glam or fab.

My last pedi was treat from Paul, my hair color is au natural, and my socks have holes in them but I am so glad that I scrimp each month and forgo the "finer things in life" to enjoy Ellie & Wilbur! At the end of the day I won't remember what color my nails were in June of 2013 but I will remember those great rides!


  1. Last line - great point!

  2. Thanks for the share! As my former trainer once said, "We buy our clothes at Walmart so we can get our horse nice things." Hehe

  3. I've had 1 manipedi ever for my birthday, I think they are really pointless.

  4. The only time I ever had a manicure was for my wedding. I did get my toes done twice in Okinawa which is really a must experience for visiting there but otherwise spending money on horses way much better! :)