Monday, October 6, 2014

Ellie Gets a Visit!

Ellie was lucky to have two very special friends come visit the barn tonight. Two work buds from the East (coast) are in town for a few days and we made trek out to meet Ellie. We only had a little bit of time- it's getting dark so early- so we took her on a walk around the property in the last of the light.

A boarder from another barn was doing a similar circuit and when Ellie spotted the second horse she reared like a little lipizzaner. I kid you not-  full on rear.
She's so docile it always catches me a little bit off guard when she does something so un-Ellie like. Naturally she likes to embarrass me in front of my friends.

Ells was placated by some carrots and pets while Kasey (from the Mowery farm) had nothing but sweet things to say about how cute she was (duh). Soon we said goodnight and headed to Chipotle. Classy ladies.


  1. Silly Ellie, horses always pick the "best" time to misbehave

  2. Love having barn visitors :) She's such a beautiful girl!

  3. Horses have impeccable timing :)