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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tis' the Season for Tall Boots

I knew as early as last Spring that I had to start stockpiling pennies- 2014 was going to be an epic Tall Boot year.

In the old house I had my boots lined up in a row on the living room floor and Paul once asked why I needed *so* many in the same boring black.

Boring black is a thing of the past friends! Now there's lizard tops, blue piping, two shades of brown, and patent!
I had to round out my tall boot year with these Monaco Stretch patent top beauties! If I've learned one thing from my manufacturing industry education- once they're gone, they're gone.

And my collection is officially complete i.e. Paul is refusing to allow any more boots into the house (meaning I sneak in the cover of darkness).


  1. Those are lovely!!!! I really like the volant patent alligator(?) topped ones if my legs were skinnier :)

  2. those are beautiful! I am lusting over the dark brown and light brown ariats right now!

  3. Oh and there is no such thing as too many boots ;)

  4. ooooh i likey :) and yes - lets see the whole collection!

  5. My husband says the same. exact. thing. Hahahaha

  6. I really want fun boots, but my trainer might have a heart attack!