Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wilbur Comes Home

A big day on Friday- Wilbur arrived mid-morning at Brown Ranch about two weeks ahead of schedule! A rather last minute decision but more convenient for everyone involved.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, he jumped off the trailer looking great, and we introduced him into his herd of 5 others in the gelding pasture.

All of the anxiety and nerves I had been feeling evaporated when I saw him trotting (sound- looking!) around his new home!

And then of course I woke up in the night to pouring rain which equals slightly worried Mom. When I stopped out to check how he'd fared after his first night I was pleasantly surprised to see how dry the ground was- the rain had just softened it a little. Of course the group had found the ONLY puddle in the entire 10 acres and Wilbur was coated with an inch of mud from head to toe.
I only stayed for a quick once over- the caked mud was too daunting a task and the weather was threatening. I stopped by Western Saddlery on the way home to grab a few supplies- grooming tools, basic first aid (will be expanding that assortment), a rope halter, and a few other odds and ends.

Sunday was sunny with a slight chill in the air. I stopped out after my Ellie ride and spent some time cleaning him up (what I'm sure will be a futile exercise). A few surface bite marks but nothing outside the norm of acclimating to the herd.
His mane had grown LONG and was matted with mud and tangled with sticks. So.....I cut it off with scissors! Yes! I tried to get the fringed hunter look that Kelly and Brook are so good at but it ended up looking like a chop job. I suppose that's the beauty of having a horse in a field- no one cares what his mane looks like! I feel a little gleeful about it!

Lou photo bombing the two pasture newbies- Diesel and Wilbur

Shows off mane and tongue

Love flat California pasture