Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wilbur Update: Pulling the Trigger

Trigger has officially been pulled and Wilbur is moving to Brown Ranch the first week of November.

Honestly? I'm f-ing terrified. This is the most "hands on" horse ownership that I've ever experienced.

Without telling Paul (smart move me) I've upgraded him from the 10 acre flat pasture to a smaller paddock with three other horses. Slightly more expensive (really, it's all relative when dealing with horses) but the peace of mind that comes with pulling up in the pouring rain and seeing that he's alive versus tromping around a giant field with a flashlight up to the knees in mud.

I've got a good support system already in place- a group of KMT peeps with horses out there, a friend from an old barn, and a co worker. Not to mention the awesome Natasha (vet).

Despite all my worry (TIME, money, impending doom)  I do feel a small glimmer of excitement. Now don't get me wrong- Ellie is a dream- smart, sensible, sound, and a sweetie- I could not ask for a better horse. But Wilbur is just THAT guy. My heart does little flip flops.
What a stud muffin!