Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Longest (and Possibly Best) Tuesday

I may have had equal parts the longest and best Tuesday in quite a while.

Up for my 5:30 gym class (SUPER stoked they started an earlier class- I was having trouble getting to work at a reasonable time in the 6:30 class- who am I?)!

Visit to Target today for Halloween decor items! I might have splurged on mini pumpkins/ gourds. And  a fancy light-up spider and pumpkin for the window. So cheesy!

My cheap, cheap, cheap Tee's came in from One Horse Threads- I'm all about horses on my clothes- particularly if they are on sale!

The Driver's License finally arrived. Now I am no longer a hooligan driving around with an expired license (for 4 weeks! and flying with my passport)! Too bad the new address isn't on there!

And I pulled the trigger, sent in Wilbur's board agreement, and he's coming home the first week of November!