Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday. Oh Thursday.

Thursday night lessons are always a little rough. It's the end of the week, my calves are sore, and freaking work. I love work- I just don't love airfreighting product that doesn't end up shipping. Holy moly I almost cried a little bit today.

And it's funny- Ells and I don't tend to get along that well at the end of a long day. I'm tired and she thinks she's getting an extra vacation day. While she seems excited to see me I'm sure she's like, "Oh Man. Right when I'm eating dinner. Really? Every time."

Kelly is back for a few weeks between shows and I wanted to get some ride time with her but totally wussed out of doing real jumps and ended up trotting a few crossrails. Kinda fail? I begged into her 11am lesson on Saturday and I am bound and determined to keep up. Or at least I will be until Saturday at 10:45.

Ah well. Enjoyed getting some ride time in. Per the usual Ellie is cute.


  1. Balancing work with riding can be particularly difficult sometimes. I've had lessons where I realize I'm still thinking about my job while waiting my turn to jump :-/

  2. Going straight from work to ride always makes my head spin a little :( So much balancing!

  3. The work/ride balance is a real struggle! It takes way more mental preparation for me than I ever would have thought, to forget about work and everything else and focus on the ride.

  4. yea... i hear ya completely. good luck on saturday tho - sometimes you just gotta give yourself that little extra kick to get it done