Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blog Hop: Bit it Up

Another fun blog hop from Viva Carlos- what bit I use and why!

Ellie and Wilbur have a few things in common:
* both babies so I'm not having the deal with corrections
* both have soft mouths and I've got fairly quiet hands
* both are lazy so it's more about getting them to actually go forward than any need for control

Wilbur has gone in a Loose Ring Copper Slow Twist and a Loose Ring Happy Mouth. Ellie goes in a basic curved D- we started her in a Happy Mouth but we wanted her to have some metal in her mouth for her to pull on (she had a habit of over-collecting in the beginning and we wanted her to stretch out and take the bit).

Polly has been the biggest pain in the bit-butt. She chews through her Happy Mouth D in a matter of weeks and those things are not cheap! I threw my Sprenger on her bridle and she HATED it. I almost put the Happy Mouth on Smartpak auto-ship.


  1. Yeah, Loki chewed through his happy mouth pretty easily too. Otherwise, I like those bits.

  2. Hahaha she's keeping the bit companies in business :)