Monday, May 12, 2014

May Wilbur Visit

With PK out of town I thought it was the ideal time to swing out and pay Wilbur a long overdue visit on Saturday.

He looked....good. His weight looked great. Back feet looked like they needed a trim but since we'd taken his shoes off I'm hoping the farrier is just letting them grow out a bit. Fronts looked awesome.
He seems to have some sniffles- in addition to following up on his feet I'm also going to check in with Marlene on his breathing. Hoping it's a combination of dust and allergies.

I did email two local places today about their pasture board (and any Cali friends- please share recommendations). I think Marlene takes great care of her horses but it's hard to visit often when he's an hour and a half away.

Not visiting frequently makes me even more nit picky when I do see him. He's not the copper penny I dropped off but really, what do I expect?

He looks healthy and happy which is really all that matters!
Classic Wilbur pose


  1. I don't know many places with good pasture board sorry :( At our old place yes, where we currently are, no.

  2. It's so hard when they are far away. Glad he's happy and healthy tho!!

  3. Hard when you can't check on them all the time. Hope you find something closer!

  4. Not being able to see them often is hard but he looks pretty good in the picture.

  5. Hmm what kind of pasture board are you looking for? And price range? Maybe there is something out in Brentwood or out there that would be closer and affordable?

    1. i sent two emails to local spots to see what options they had- crickets so far. Honestly I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for- something cheap, meticulously cared for property, tons of know....the usual ;). Something cheap where he isn't likely to hurt himself.