Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I Ride

Thanks to L. over at Viva Carlos for putting together a great blog hop idea! Why do I ride?

For me, and I imagine most riders, horseback riding is more than a sport or hobby, it's a lifestyle. Living an equestrian lifestyle means....

I'd rather be at the barn

My clothing, any clothing, is fair game for dirt and green horse slobber

I am perpetually broke but will scrape up enough to go to a show at the end of the year

When I fall off I get back on
Ouch! Yes- that's me!
I live for that second of flight over a perfect jump

There is nothing better than a perfect partnership with that one special horse
And my barn family knows exactly what I'm talking about
Friend Laura

Friend Sophia
*** For my photography readers. Yikes- the watermarks! These photos are very old and are no longer available for sale.


  1. Definitely a feeling only another equestrian can understand :)

  2. Love the barn friend photos. Not something anyone else can understand!

  3. That really has got to be one of the best pictures ever. LOL

  4. Ah yes I remember that schooling show at our barn!

  5. Dang that is a good fall picture!!

    Us horse people get it ;)