Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why I Ride: Part Two

I was sharing with a friend at the barn (also named Emily) about the blog hop- and while after reading through everyone's posts and writing my own I realized that I wasn't being entirely truthful about why I ride. Hence part Two.

Me: Everyone is blogging about their relationship with the horse and I did too but most of the time I'm terrified and hoping I don't have to canter a jump.

Emily: Me too! It's not like any one has a gun to my head making me go to a show- why do I do it? I'm queasy most of the day. Why do I compete? I've actually been analyzing it quite a bit. For the envy of others? My own self worth? What's even the ultimate objective in riding?

Me: I envy those people who have trail horses and go and just ride. What a life!

Emily and Emily agreed- it's a compulsion. Plain and simple. And we love our horses. When we're not terrified to ride them.
If you want to see the landing to that fall......why DOES anyone ride? Ouch!

Wish me luck in the crossrails on Sunday! I MAY be cantering!


  1. You know I totally understand. I have a show this weekend and there is certainly a part of me that is dreading it. I'm afraid Loki will act up and I'll ride like a moron, and yet I still want to go. I think it is, at least in part, about facing something that scares you and pushing through it. What scares you might change, you might get comfortable with cantering to a cross rail but I think there will always be that next challenge/fear to overcome. And when you do overcome it that is a really nice feeling. :)

  2. I think this fear is present in most adult ammy's!!! We are crazy to continue lol

  3. It really is a compulsion. Showing makes me both elated and miserable... sometimes I wonder why I keep doing it!

  4. We are all a bunch of addicts who love abusive relationships!

  5. Oh that photo!!! It's too much. Yes, L is 100% correct, haha! But, there's also seasons. Show when you WANT to show, you work so hard all week that if you drag yourself, your horse and your hubs to a show on the weekend it should be because you actually want to go and you know it's going to be a positive experience. If you're unsure, scratch (I NEVER scratched before, now I'm a pro at it, lol) and go on a damn trail ride and be happy :P I'm really learning about just enjoying myself and not worrying about what I should be doing or what every one else seems to be doing these days, cant you tell!?