Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ferragamo Shoes

Get excited girls! The Hunter Green Show Coat is on its way for Spring 2015!

In other, rather less exciting news, Ellie had her shoes put on today by our new farrier. Kelly made the switch when said well known shoe-er recently relocated back to Cali from the East Coast. Ells was one of the last horses in the string for his first cycle and I had heard from others that he's been doing a fabulous job- spending a lot of time with each horse and making sure the fit is perfect.

I had the chance to meet him this afternoon and he commented on how nice Ellie was and her good feet (thank the lord). Then he pulled out a bunch of horse leg bones (coffin bone all the way up) and made me quite nervous about how delicate and tiny they all are (poor thing was really trying to show me the important of balance and evenness in the hoof).

Now we all know that horse shoes are not inexpensive. But even I was a little disconcerted when Kelly asked, "Is that Ellie over there getting her Ferragamo Shoes on?" Ummm Kelly? You know Ferragamo's are like $500 bucks right? Couldn't you call them Sam Edelman's as a compromise?
#squintatthebill and it won't look so bad.
Ellie shows off her new front feet!