Monday, May 5, 2014

Jet Lag Kicking In: What Would You Wear?

Phew- jet lag is finally kicking in! And the timing, of course, is not ideal. The apparel team is "sequestered" in a nearby hotel for the Spring '15 Apparel Sales Meeting- kicking off English & Western apparel product for the upcoming Spring.

I've got a mountain of email, some major fires upon return, and a line of Western product that I double starred in my catalog. Note to self- set aside 1 million dollars for January 1 2015 when all this stuff starts shipping.

Despite the pure exhaustion I'm still super excited to review English product and round up on trends in the market.

Since I am not exactly buzzing about the shows right now- do share- what trends are you all seeing out there?
Rust colored breeches? Hunter green coats? Tek tops in neon colors?
Don't be shy & share your wishlist items!

Dogs of Ariat Sales Meeting- Louie!


  1. Well, I only show on the local Hunter/Jumper circuit, so don't take me for an expert, but here is my (limited) two cents:

    - Wrap Collar Show Shirts are here to stay! Bonus points for vented sleeves, especially if they go all the way from armpit to cuff
    - Hunter Green Coats are coming back... at least, I think so
    - Coats with little touches of "something special" like silver buttons, four buttons and subtle piping are becoming more acceptable in the hunter ring... and the jumper ring is full of them!

    So there you have it; I'm probably WAY behind the trend, but those are the main things on my wish list!! And also, please tell Ariat to make a size 22 hunt coat... JUST FOR ME! lol

  2. We are getting some pretty serious bling in our jumpers, whether it's unique bridles, spur straps, or colorful jackets. And yes, in hunters the green coats are everywhere!!

    My trainer would kill me if I blinged up for the hunters, but I'm liking the green hunt coats!

  3. Totally love wearing my Green Hunt Coat again :)

  4. Hunter green coats are way in. Technical fabric show shirts and jackets, and WHITE. Colored shirts seem way in the past right now, even though I still like them.

  5. I think I should help model/try out the new merch ;)