Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review

2013 in photos and captions.....

Back from Holiday- Miguel and Wilbur are besties! I'm happy to have a coworker at my barn to play with. 

Paul's first riding lesson on Soda Pop!
Best friend, Nicole, visits from Chicago to celebrate her 30th Birthday!

And rides Wilbur!

I visit Erin at HITS in Ocala- Heaven! 

Wilbur gets his first set of shoes!

I continue on a very travel heavy first half of the year by spending time in Bozeman, MT. 

Wilbur turns 6!
Manage to visit Anna in Boston while fitting in a few work meetings!

Paul goes on his first trail ride!
I attempt to be fashionable with fancy lipstick...hmmm

Make the decision to move barns and start with Team KMT!

Explore the trails!

Attend our first show- a KMT show. Wilbur soaked in the atmosphere!
Paul and I celebrate 8 years of togetherness! 

Wilbur is giving us some trouble so we move him to a stall/paddock hoping he'll settle in. 
Great first year at Ariat!

Great way to spend our July 4th- hiking in Half Moon Bay!

Wilbur is CHAMPION at his first show- pile of poles!
Visit to Pennsylvania to attend AETA- but got some quality time with friend Kasey!

Wilbur goes to his first away show at Sonoma Horse park! Very brave!
I turn 30 and Paul takes me to the Claremont Hotel to celebrate!

Wilbur comes up lame and we decide to give him 6mo off. Getting ready for our last ride!
Paul and I celebrate 3 years of marriage!

Wilbur gets a visit!

Polly and I get to know one another!
Thanksgiving in LA with Paul's Family!

Lots of goofing around (see Mort the Guinea Pig playing a key role in the panorama)

I help out at the barn as much as possible! Horse time!
Wilbur goes to the vet and we get some sad news.

Luckily had a whirlwind Holiday to take my mind off of it. Time in Ohio and Florida with family!

Aunt Linda and I sharing a laugh at the farm!
Outside of the past few months- a pretty happy and fun year!


  1. Great to catch up on your year! I only started recently.

  2. ^ I second Lauren's sentiment. Glad to get caught up.

  3. You look so happy in every picture :)