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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Outdoor Retailer

I'm in Salt Lake City right now at Outdoor Retailer- a trade show. So different from our other shows- 9,000 vendors catering to the outdoor lifestyle. If you don't have a puffy coat and sleek backpack you stick out like a sore thumb. Oh- and at 4 o'clock Pendleton had a whiskey tasting and Keen offers metal pint cups for $5 and free beer. This is my kinda show!


  1. Working for Ariat would be pretty awesome, I think. I love my Ariat Volants. Oh, and Salt Lake City is beautiful, have fun!

  2. the Pendelton boots.... be still my heart! I can't decide if I love of hate the Catalyst, I want to get them for my Dad just to mess with him....

    1. Girl- you know your Ariats! The longer you look at the Catalyst the more it grows on you. And it's not nearly as fast under a jean.

    2. Haha my second job is at a tack shop, may or may not study the catalog and go through the training multiple times! Lol I am mildly obsessed with the brand :)