Monday, January 6, 2014

January Wilbur Visit

I went out to visit Wilbur with the goal of getting some video of his trot on a circle. What I actually got was a lot of horses and humans being confused. And at one point I forgot the video was on so I have two minutes of baby talk and Wilbur's feet.
Lulu and Wilbur had been released into the general population of about 15 other horses. Sergio (my barnmate's horse was not getting along with everyone) and baby Albert (Kelly's horse) had moved into their old pasture.
I ended up with a few minutes to chat with Marlene and she gave Wilbs his usual glowing reviews! There was no drama moving him in with the others, he plays and plays and plays. They demolished her red rubber play ball and she had found him one morning with a hose in his mouth waving at another horse. He plays with the horse no one else will play with. He play rears with his friend, Gris, and they spend the morning galloping back and forth.
Of course they just stop and stare when Marlene tries to take a snap.
His best bud is still Miss Lulu!
Baby Albert

Albert and Sergio

Gen Pop

Such a ham


Pretending not to understand


  1. Love the photos! Hope he's still doing well. :)

  2. Aww sounds like he's really happy!

  3. Sounds like he is loving life! :)

  4. He sounds quite pleased with his life!

  5. What a great report! Sounds like things are going well where he is and that he is enjoying every min there!