Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Off to Market

Not a horse post unless you are a Western gal at heart in which case I'm going to the mother land. Denver Market.
 On the road I tend to live an extravagant lifestyle. In minis. Also note the Cold-Eeze and Emergen-C. Denver is COLD this time of year. And Paul has been sick for days. Hanging on by a thread.
Three pairs of boots for five days? I mean- should I add a pair of booties? Don't answer that- I've already packed.

The packing process is extremely organized but I do often lament about the possibility of needing one more sweater. Decisions! Ready, set, fly!


  1. Brrr! Yes it will be chilly there, but it's always gorgeous. Have a great trip!

  2. Have fun!

    I wish I could wear jeans to work!!

  3. I have been dying to get the Texas Rose boot, after seeing that pick I think I may have to break down!