Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Said No One. Ever.

When a co worker stopped me in the hall today and asked what my plans were for the upcoming three day weekend I felt my heart rate increase slightly. Not from excitement. No. From the sheer terror of not having a full, productive workday on Monday. Seriously I'm not kidding.
OMG! I can't go to work on Monday? Said no one. Ever.
I am not complaining. That being said, driving home on the eve of my 11th consecutive day of work at 8pm, I had time to reflect. Coming home from the trade show and diving directly into onboarding my (our) new hire while squeezing in the pile of work that accumulated during and while at Market- I mean- I'm not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel here.
In fact- I had thought that traveling every single week February through April in 2013 was an anomaly- but my schedule is filling up quickly and I'm flying somewhere now through the end of February and into March. A relaxing Spring is not looking promising. Can I even squeeze in my annual Florida visit? At this point it's anyone's guess.
What's the point to my rant? I'm hopped up on cold medicine so not entirely sure. Except that it's easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty go go go and as the work fog from my brain lifted tonight I had to stop and thank one of our new employees who unknowingly gave me a long anticipated, highly sought after reward today.
An Ariat Saddle Pad.
And all is right in the world. Hopefully I will now ride just like Beezie Madden.
Photo Credit: Noelle Floyd


  1. Ooo, saddle pad! Hard to relax when life gets so busy sometimes.

  2. Oh Ariat saddle pad, super jellycakes. Hopefully you get some downtime in your busy schedule

  3. We had those on my college team! I may or may not have contemplated stealing one ;)

  4. One day at a time :) You got this!

    1. Exactly. Step One: Get Beezie's saddle pad. Step Two: Become Beezie. (It's good to have goals, right?)