Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dick Widger Clinic

Try as I might I cannot find a single informational link to Dick Widger outside of posts by others about his clinics. "Widge" came to KMT this past weekend for a two day, two hour a day clinic session. I did not ride in it but instead decided to audit. In retrospect it would have been fun to participate but it was fairly costly and with already missing rides to due to travel I just couldn't justify the expense. Abby rode Miss Polly and I watched all of the groups- 2'6", 3', 3'+ and think I got quite a bit out of it. Of course- coming out of the George Morris series- the fundamentals of horsemanship remain the same. But Dick put together a lot of exercises that challenged both horse and rider and I hope Kelly uses some of those in upcoming lessons. Lauren over at She Moved to Texas did a great post on photography which prompted me to pull my camera out of the corner. Not the best work- some of the photos are blurry- but I gave it a whirl anyway.
Dick gives Abby some pointers

Go Princess!

Kelly gives T some love

Polls struts her stuff

Go Em & Tio

Rou really shined with Winslow

Assistant trainer, Emma, on Izzy demonstrates perfect form

Lexi and Jinx (Jinxy-cat from Meet the Fockers) 

Kaitlyn's Fire watching intently as Dick pretends to be a horse


  1. Dick used to train in the Central Coast Area, briefly did a stint as the coach of the UCSC Equestrian Team.

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