Tuesday, January 7, 2014

George Morris

For those not in the know......
George Morris is the equestrian equivalent of Chuck Norris. The man can "lead a horse to water AND make it drink."
He runs a yearly series of Horsemastership Training Sessions with young riders from across the country. Of course we've all be instructed by our trainers to watch the series- and they are truly fantastic opportunities to learn and apply.
Also a bit humorous as George is known for being tough on his students and lets loose with a few gems here and there that both make one laugh and cringe for the poor rider under scrutiny.

We had our flat lesson this evening with Kelly and I'm glad to report that she's back to her normal self. Last week she had actually morphed into a female version of George Morris and was caught shouting- "You people! When faced with the slightest bit of adversary you fold like a tent."
A few favorite GM quotes:


  1. Love George, though I put him up there as a God than a mere mortal celebrity lol

  2. I feel like his sayings just get more outrageous as he ages... which is fantastic, haha!

  3. I soak up every min that I can of anything GM does! One day, maybe i'll be in a place to ride with him!