Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holly Hill Farm

I took a trip down memory lane with a visit and lesson at Holly Hill Farm. I learned to ride at Holly Hill, took the yearly summer camps, half-leased for a few summers. All of Hollie's students learn the basics, work to develop their seat, leg, and hand (it was a good two years before I jumped a single fence), and rotate lesson horses weekly (but of course everyone had their favorites). I really don't think I'd be the rider I am today without her training and guidance. When I mentioned to my parents that I was grabbing a lesson they both sang in unison "keep working, keep working" aka the Hollie mantra.
Holly Hill looks the same! Minus the housing developments that have sprouted up around it!

My sweet horse for the lesson- Howie

Blast from the past with Bugs- a cheeky Arabian I rode growing up

And Hollie herself- complete with snowpants (the uniform)


  1. You sure did grow up in my neck of the woods! It's always nice to visit those who have helped shape you :-)

  2. So fun!! How did the lesson go? :)

    1. It was awesome! But of course the call outs are the same around the country- elbows in, fingers closed! Arrggghh!!!