Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Treasures from AETA

I did not end up with the Sparkly Samsheild. I know that even at cost it was going to be mega bucks and I already have a perfectly good helmet.
Ohhh- but so sparkly.

Not to fear. I did pick up a cute new bracelet to add to my collection of horsey jewelry (when my sister visited she made a point to note all the horse items incorporated into my outfit- necklace, bracelet, lining of vest, hardware on purse.....).
Not to leave anyone out, there was a booth selling these cool neon mix & match belts- you can find them at C4 Belts. A neat product that I hadn't seen before- waterproof, green, easy to clean- and best of all- you cut them to your fit! I grabbed four  belts- theoretically one for myself and three for my respective trainers. But the problem is that I love all the belt/ buckle color combinations I picked out and secretly want to keep them all for myself. Perhaps, should I muster the energy tomorrow for a photo shoot, I'll ask for opinions.


  1. Love love love that got pink belt!!!

    I love the bracelet!!! I have a few bracelets and one necklace, I need more horsey things for every day outfits!!

  2. Very cool you can almost get them in barn colors :)

  3. I really like the turquoise one! Fun colors!

  4. At cost? Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I'd be in heaven there :) Can I come work for Ariat? Love the belts. I might have to pick one up, they are fun and not expensive at all.

  5. How do you choose which belt to have? They are awesome!